Still orange, only different

Hi.  Nottingham Poetry Series is undergoing changes at the moment and will take a little while to surface.  We have to say thank you to Eireann Lorsung who established the Series, and now is leaving Nottingham for a continental life. For a number of us writers, poets, people-trying-to-create, her departure leaves us, well, a bit empty, but working with her has been ‘an education’ of the best sort. Occasionally scary. Unfailingly inspiring.

But we have just had a wonderful evening at the Flying Goose, care of Serotine, with readings from Sarah Jackson ( Eireann’s co-host for the Poetry Cafe) and Eireann herself.  Both poets read from their recent work; Sarah’s epic experience of walking Route 20 in Corsica, and how different are these horses? Eireann read from books completed while in England and those of us who have worked with her over the last years wore big smiles to hear poems from Ceriserie and  A Scale Model of the World.

A wonderful evening; sad, but there was a sense of  potential in the room, and excitement for Eireann and Jonathan.  We wish them well.




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